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By investing in an electronic air cleaner, you are investing in better air quality throughout your home. The air in your home circulates through your heating and cooling system, carrying millions of airborne particles through the ductwork. When this air passes through an electronic air cleaner, the pre-filter traps the majority of large particles. The smaller particles that pass through the pre-filter receive a positive electrical charge. Collector plates, which carry a negative charge, work like magnets to attract these small particles, and hold them until they’re washed off. The result is that you are circulating cleaner, filtered air throughout your home.

An indoor air quality system that includes an electronic air cleaner can remove up to 95% of unwanted pollutants from the air passing through it, including such unwanted particles as dust, pollen, animal hair and dander, dust mites, lint, smoke, cooking grease, and some bacteria. Also, since an air cleaner draws the particles out of the air, your home’s interior surfaces, such as wallpaper and paint, stay cleaner longer. This helps to prevent the kind of particle build up that can cause reactions in family members with allergies or asthma.


Whole house furnace humidifiers afford the most control over a house’s environment, and are designed with humidification capacity sufficient to cover up to 2500 to 3000 square feet of home space from one central location.

A whole house furnace humidifier is connected to the central heating system, installed in the furnace’s ventilation ducts. Air is humidified as it passes through, and is then circulated around the house to balance the air moisture content.

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