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There are many aspects to consider when selecting a furnace to meet your needs. The size, or heating capacity, for a residential furnace is categorized by Btu/h(British thermal units per hour. One Btu is equal to the amount of energy it takes to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit).

You may also select how efficient your furnace is by choosing the unit’s AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). This simply means that for every dollar worth of fuel your furnace is consuming, the percentage AFUE is the amount of fuel being delivered to the home for usable heat. (Example, if a furnace is 95% efficient then 95 cents are usable heat and 5 cents are leaving your home.) The federal law states that each unit must achieve 78% efficiency.The highest efficiency available is 97 percent.

Those choices can sometimes become overwhelming, and that is why at ESI, we calculate the heat loss and heat gain of the structure to make that “perfect fit” for your home. Sometimes, heating contractors oversize furnaces so that they can quickly specify a model and be guaranteed that it will satisfy the thermostat. That’s bad news for their customers, who have to live with those furnaces, because an oversized furnace is noisier, less efficient, and more expensive than an accurately sized one. At ESI we meet you at your space, evaluate the space, and then explain each investment opportunity available to you.

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Things to Note:

With our Gas Furnace Installation.

  • Most new equipment comes with a standard 10 year parts warranty.
  • Extended labor warranties are also available.
  • Precision start-up procedures and combustion analysis ensure your new equipment is running at peak performance per exact manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Clean, well-organized, highly trained installation staff that will walk you through your new system and teach you how to use it.
  • Complete removal and cleanup of old equipment

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